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Examine.com is the largest database of independent nutrition and supplement research on the Internet with a mission to analyze the full body of evidence to help people make healthy choices.  Examine is a valuable tool for busy dietitians to keep up with the latest nutrition research!

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  • Your own account access to Examine.com 

  •  17+ supplement guides : To tell you what supplement for what conditions works, what may work, and what — despite all the marketing and internet buzz — isn’t likely to work, or could even be harmful. 

  • The Examine Database : Examine has spent over a decade systematically collecting data from tens of thousands of human trials. Research never stops getting published, and they never stop analyzing it. All this data is impeccably organized in the Examine Database — the internet’s only sortable database of graded evidence. 

  • The Research Feed : Tens of thousands of NPI studies get published each year. No single person can read them all — and much less understand them all. Your Research Feed will keep you updated on the latest, most important findings from all types of human studies. Their focus is on nutrition (diet, foods, supplements), but also report on other nonpharmaceutical interventions (from cognitive behavioral therapy, to forest bathing, to weighted blankets) when the studies are especially interesting. 
  • Each summary is the result of hours of work, but takes just a few minutes to read. 

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